Which LÄRABAR flavor is most like me and why?

Really depends on what day of the week or hour of the day it is. PB&J pops to mind first. I would say I am a pretty good mix of sweet and salty. You might find me a bit salty when you first meet me, but the more you get to know me, you'll find I'm as sweet as Cherry Pie.

When I’m not working at events, what am I up to?
I am usually outside playing. You can find me skiing, climbing, biking up hill (not a fan of the down, just a fan of the up). I love to play soccer, swim, yoga… I'm pretty much down for any activity you can suggest. When I'm not outside playing, I'm usually traveling or planning my next trip.
What’s my funniest story from the road?

My favorite one right now is from Red Rocks. People are so shocked to see us at the top (of the long climb from the parking lot) that they are quite overwhelmed with emotion. I have been the recipient of a few hugs from strangers. If you know me, you'd be impressed, as I am not the hugging type.