Which LÄRABAR flavor is most like me and why?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I appreciate the simplicity, and also grateful for the treat of added chocolate. I enjoy the simplicity of life—the beauty of nature and seasons, connections we make with people and animals, moving slow, and appreciating the sweet, delicious, indulgences that we are blessed with every day.

When I’m not working at events, what am I up to?

YOGA—taking classes, and workshops and hopefully teaching soon. Running—I’ve run 3 marathons fueled by LÄRABARs. Snowboarding—Peanut Butter & Jelly in my pocket to enjoy on the slopes. Exploring New England and having fun with friends—hiking around Walden Pond or along the Charles River. I love spending time outdoors and appreciating the seasons. Enriching myself with the history and culture of Boston. (This city is pretty awesome.) Sunday brunch at my favorite vegetarian restaurant. Brewing beer and creating unique recipes like Valentine's Day brew with rose hips, coriander, and orange peel. I always enjoy traveling to warm, tropical beaches, and visiting my family in Texas…of course traveling with a variety of LÄRABAR flavors!

What’s my funniest story from the road?

Learning about a LÄRABAR-sniffing dog. Yes, the dog can sniff out LÄRABAR in back packs, purses, pockets, grocery bags. If you walk in the room with a LÄRABAR, the dog can smell it! The other funny thing is he figured out how to unzip bags to get to the bar. His favorite is Peanut Butter Cookie.