10/10 Salt Lake City, UT
10/10 - 10/11 Atlanta, GA
10/17 - 10/18 Half Moon Bay, CA
10/18 - 10/28 LA. CA
10/18 Atlanta, GA

Fall has arrived and the Northwest Larabar team has been at it again, bringing in the season with a Marathon Expo, Pumpkins and LÄRABAR!
The Portland Marathon Sports and Fitness Expo seemed larger than ever with an enthusiastic crowd awaiting the big run. I always love making the trip to Portland to share LÄRABAR as I find the people there are some of the nicest around!

This past weekend we exhibited at the 41st annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival and boy did we see some Pumpkins! Half Moon Bay has a great growing Climate for pumpkins and people from all over the bay area come to the festival to participate in the pumpkin celebration. An estimated 200,000 people were in attendance at the festival and the celebrations included a parade, a haunted house, pumpkin carving, arts and crafts, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin soup, pumpkin everything and of course The Giant Pumpkin. This year’s giant Pumpkin weighed 1704 lbs. Wow!

Sunday October 30, 12:14AM

Superbly ilulimnantig data here, thanks!

Sunday October 30, 08:02AM

I'm really into it, tahkns for this great stuff!

Saturday January 14, 10:53AM

The expertise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to awnser.

Monday February 20, 06:44PM

You just made this rainy, darery day a whole lot brighter. :-) Thank you so much, and especially thank you for the scriptures you share. God is so good!

Monday February 20, 07:18PM

Cute. I agree, these polepe are making a killing. But, it's like an honest killing I think. Getting polepe to the farm, picking vegetables, playing on hay. A great business plan, indeed.

Tuesday February 21, 05:57AM

I love these pitruces! I'm so glad you guys went to a real farm! Mr. Bones over here is fun, but it isn't the same- we know under the barrels of hay there is a parking lot.

Wednesday February 22, 08:05PM

Absolutely makes me smile and soooo good for the heart..Thank you so much loikong forward to whatever else you have in store for all of us Blessings..Aunt Ruthie ..Nana Shirl

Wednesday February 22, 09:30PM

I aawlys look forward to your decorating tips. They so inspire me to go out and start foraging the back acre. When I read your comments I aawlys smile .Keep it coming!

Thursday May 03, 02:07AM

I see, I suoppse that would have to be the case.

Tuesday June 12, 02:40PM

It's actually not as hard as it looks Cheyenne. The toghseut part for me is always cutting the layers in the cake without turning the whole thing into crumbs LOL. I found a really good bread knife made all the difference in that step. And I'm with you on the pumpkin love

Saturday October 27, 12:45AM

Task 1: Look up giant pumpkin pcieurts.1.What’s the biggest pumpkin you can find reliable sounding information about? What are its physical dimensions?a.From pumpkinnook.com I found a pumpkin that produced the new 2011 world record. The pumpkin belongs to Jim and Kelsey Bryson from Ormstown, Quebec, Canada. Their pumpkin weighed 1,818.5 pounds. They broke the record at the Prince Edward County Pumpkinfest on October 15, 2011.2. Use mathematical ideas to compare the biggest pumpkin you can find reliable sounding information about to a “typical sized pumpkin.”a.Well from what I research a medium size pumpkin is between 8 to 15 pounds. I will consider that as a “typical sized pumpkin.” I guess to compare the biggest pumpkin to the “typical sized pumpkin” you can just divide 8 to 1818.5 pounds and can say that you can get 227.31 8 pound pumpkins into an 1818.5 pound pumpkin. You can also us 15 pounds and divide and say you can get 121.25 15 pound pumpkins into an 1818.5 pound pumpkin.Task 2: Listen to a story about giant pumpkins.1.Based solely on the story, write a sentence or two about why you think giant pumpkins are not mathematically similar to regular-sized pumpkins.a.Base on the story I think they’re not mathematically similar to regular-size pumpkins because the giant pumpkins grow at different rate. They grow base on how heavy they already are. The heavier they are the faster they grow because of gravity. The heavier the pumpkin the force of gravity has more to tug on.Task 3: Look at the hard math.1.Write a bulleted list of some of your thoughts as you read the article. Include at least a few points about the figures in Hu’s article.•So spherical pumpkins stay a typical size because their cells do not divide as frequently as flat pumpkins that become giant pumpkins.•So to weight a spherical pumpkin you just use its circumference, but to weight a flatten pumpkin you average 3 measurement of the pumpkin’s circumference.•As weight increase so does the strain. The increase of the strain causes gravity forces to pull on the pumpkin causing it to grow larger.•So the more stress on the pumpkin the faster the cells divide. The faster the cells divide the bigger the pumpkin gets. The bigger the pumpkin gets the more gravity pull.i.Am I wrong or right?Looking at Fig 2 was a little confusing. I was having a hard time trying to determine what Fig 2(a) was stating. On the x-axis was label max/weight and average/weight. Well which is which?Looking at Fig 5 gave me a better perspective of the relation between time and weight for giant pumpkins. The 2005 pumpkins grow rate was the fastest in the 20 to 40 days range.

Saturday October 27, 10:57PM

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