Boston Marathon is an emotional race for many… months and months of intense training, the build up to running such an elite race, the competitive athletes, and the charitable aspect where people are fundraising and running for a greater purpose. With record heat this year, emotions were high, and athletes were further challenged with extreme temperatures. I was there race day at mile 20, cheering and offering support, completely amazed by the marathoners drive to keep going in such brutal conditions. WAY TO GO runners!!
Pre-race, we had our LÄRABAR booth at the Boston Marathon Sports and Fitness Expo. It was great sharing LÄRABARS, meeting all the runners, and hearing the stories of their journey… I met a man in his 70s who came from an island off the coast of Italy to run his 18th marathon. WOW! Another inspiring story was a soldier who just returned from Afghanistan. He did all of his marathon training in Afghanistan (even coughing up black stuff after long runs because of the horrible air quality!). He was distance training with his girlfriend here in Massachusetts to run the race together.
CONGRATULATIONS Boston Marathoners!

Thursday May 03, 08:07PM

Congrats! I also train in the cold and run in warmer cetlaims so I feel your pain in more ways than one. Seven time marathoner, No. 8 in April and have an upcoming appt. that may result in an MS diagnosis.

Saturday October 27, 10:43AM

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Sunday October 28, 12:52AM

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Sunday October 28, 01:43AM

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Sunday October 28, 12:17PM

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Sunday October 28, 01:07PM

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