I am so excited it has finally arrived! I am now the proud driver of the LÄRABAR car in Los Angeles and Southern California. How delicious does this car look? Currently I have been driving the car around to check out inventory at the many fine retailers that carry LÄRABAR and this week was no exception. Here is a picture of the car in front of Mother's Market in Orange County. But don't worry, I will also be driving it around to Whole Foods and other Natural Food Stores so be on the lookout! The best part about having the car here in So Cal is all the people I meet looking to see if they can score a LÄRABAR sample. If it's me behind the wheel, I will always have product for you! So, if you see me in the LÄRABAR car, don't be afraid to come over and snag your sample!

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Small LÄRABAR AVI Mountain
Small LÄRABAR CASEY Northeast
Small LÄRABAR EMILY Southeast
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