10/17 - 10/18 Half Moon Bay, CA
10/18 - 10/28 LA. CA
10/18 Atlanta, GA
10/24 Orlando, FL

It was a big St. Patrick’s Day weekend in the Washington DC/Baltimore area for LÄRABAR, as our team traveled into the region to attend two marquee events. The first was the inaugural Rock n Roll USA Marathon, held in the shadow of two classic sports venues in our nation’s capital, RFK Stadium and the DC Armory.

After two great days in DC, our crew packed up and headed north on I95, driving straight into downtown Baltimore for the B’More Healthy Expo. The Charm City provided a splendid backdrop, and local residents streamed into the event in large numbers. LÄRABAR was ready with samples for everyone, providing a simple and delicious treat for all.

Tuesday April 24, 09:41AM

Loved seeing your crew at the BMore Healthy Expo!!! I'd love to learn more about future events in Baltimore/Mid-Atlantic region and if you ever need help with promotion (one of your biggest fans)!

Thursday May 03, 01:01AM

Hi Melissa!Very interesting post! I'm cuouris how the ice cream comes out b/c I thought the ice cream recipes in Natalia Rose's book looked good, but I haven't made anything other than the green lemonade yet.I would also probably buy Larabars more often if they came in the smaller size. Have you tried the Jam Frankas? I think they're meant for kids, but I bought two at Trader Joes this week. I didn't like the chocolate chip flavor, but the peanut butter bar was good (it tasted just like the peanut butter cookie larabar except it was slightly more crunchy probably from rice crips, although I guess it doesn't qualify as raw food).

Thursday May 03, 04:35AM

I was a vendor at the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo 2011 and must say that it was my first time atitndeng as a vendor, but the event itself was very enjoyable and I loved the energy and spririt in that place. There were lots of performers, beauty salons, jewelry stands, it felt like I was at an African Flea Market. If you want, You can visit my blog wwww.greenafrodiva.com where I talk about my experience there.

Friday August 24, 09:42PM

I actually trcead the problem back to a plugin. I think it’s fixed now. Unfortunately, during the process of fixing the problem, I’ve accidentally wiped my comments clean. Thank God I archived all of the emails notifying me when somebody left a comment. For every comment that my WordPress blog ever received, I have an email that duplicates the full text of each message. I did lose all of my replies, however, but I consider that a small loss in comparison to what I could have lost. I’ll be manually re-entering those comments back onto my blog this weekend.

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Wednesday September 26, 12:35PM

Ahhh it's ALL so beautiful! The jlewery, the clothing, the light! Well done friend (who I got to give a big hug this weekend YEAH!!!!)PS Nick won't stop yapping about how much fun he had camping. We have to do it again! Thanks so much for sharing part of your Labor Day with us!

Thursday September 27, 02:52AM

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