9/5 - 9/7 Hermosa Beach, CA
9/12 - 9/13 Mountain View, CA.

We had a festive and fun weekend in the Boston area with our LÄRABAR street team! We started the weekend at the Santa Sightings 5K in New Bedford. It was awesome running with a sea of Santas! Can you find me?

Nina, our LÄRABAR runner and her crew:

Sunday was the Winter Classic in Cambridge with 1,500 runners spreading holiday cheer and running to raise money for the Cambridge Pop Warner Football program.
It was a chilly 28 degrees when the race started. It had to be the holiday spirit that kept people going. I was impressed with all the great costumes... gingerbread men, penguins, Santa, Miss Santa, and tons of festive accessories like our LÄRABAR friends below:

Also on Sunday, The Miss Santa Holiday 5K in Boston. Racers braved the chilly temperatures (many in Miss Santa costumes!) to raise money to fight cancer. Of course the holiday season isn't complete without holiday sweaters!

I love the energy and enthusiasm of the holiday themed races!

Monday December 12, 10:25PM

hi! I absolutely love the Larabars you gave us at the Asgard Race in Boston and I love the photo you took of my three friends and I. I was wondering if I pay for the photo, can I buy four copies?

Tuesday December 13, 07:21AM

I'm happy you enjoyed the Larabars! Thanks for stopping by our booth. The picture looks great!! I'll email it to you so you can share it with your friends. Hope to see ya'll at another event!

Friday January 06, 10:51AM

Jaime, I doubt this is the right venue, but Commonwealth Crossfit and Forever Crossfit are going to hold a newbie throwdown in Somerville, in mid February. We're curious if Larabar would like to attend. We're having Life as RX on site. I'm sending an email to Alexis, since I'm not certain what the right venue is for this.

Monday January 09, 11:48AM

Hi! Thanks for reaching out! Your event sounds great. I'll email you to see how we can work together.

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