9/5 - 9/7 Hermosa Beach, CA
9/12 - 9/13 Mountain View, CA.

We are full swing with fall events in Boston! The leaves are starting to change, and the air is feeling like fall. With fall brings really awesome September events in Boston. From the arts, music, running, and biking, there is really a lot going on to bring people out and together.

Good vibes and great music was the focus of the Life is Good Festival. With Dave Matthews as the head liner, and ultimately a fundraiser for the Life is Good Playmaker’s Foundation (over $1 million raised!), this was an AWESOME event to partner with.

For the Hub on Wheels city wide bike ride, we put together our first ever LÄRABAR bike team! We had over 30 friends of LÄRABAR riding the 10 mile, 30 mile, or 50 mile route around Boston with car free roads! Our team was a great mix of folks who live the LÄRABAR lifestyle—from experienced Triathletes to casual riders. I rode the 10 mile ride with LÄRABAR Casey, and we loved the sense of community with our new bike friends! LÄRABAR bike team friends— do you have any recommendations for our next team event?
Our official Team photo:

Thursday October 25, 02:46AM

Many of us experience the dagner of biking the Everett Street bridge. In terms of future plans, the need has been acknowledged as part of the community wide planning process in the context of Harvard University's proposed development in Allston. If you want to learn more, try to attend the next meeting (info. will be posted here about the meeting/summarizing it after it happens). In the meantime, there are a few suggestions we have that may improve safety. If you need financial assistance with purchasing safety equipment, A-Bbikes can try to help. If you haven't already, we'd also suggest you review the information available on MassBike's website (see link on the right side of this blog). We'd also be happy to help you organize a biking school bus there's often safety in numbers. We will pass your comment/question along to Boston Bikes at the City of Boston and some local interested officials as well. Please feel free to contact us directly at .

Wednesday February 20, 09:52AM

How can my MS City to Shore Bike Team be sponsored by Larabar? There are just 10 of us, but we are fiercely committed to the cause! I would love to learn more!

Friday February 22, 07:47AM

Where'd you go Larabar event people? It's been over four months. Do an event in DC--we like larabars and bikes here.

Tuesday February 26, 12:43PM

Hi Mike! Great question- I would love to learn more about what you are doing. Feel free to email me at jaime.pierson@smallplanetfoods.com

Tuesday February 26, 12:49PM

Thank you for missing us DC! We will be back very soon. Come by and say hi to Steve at the LÄRABAR booth at the Rock & Roll Marathon Expo March 13-14th at the DC Amory. Or the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run expo April 5-6th at the National Building Museum. We hope to see you soon!

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