It has been a busy month here at LÄRABAR’s Midwestern outpost. Our travels have taken us across the entire region, and beyond. Events in Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Syracuse, all have executed within the last 30 days. We here at the Chicago office would not want it any other way, as we love traveling to various destinations, sharing the goodness of LÄRABAR with as many wonderful people as possible.

Check back for updates, as additional events are on the horizon. You never know, LÄRABAR may be arriving in your town soon!

Wednesday August 22, 05:53PM

Tonight I attended the guteln-free wine tasting dinner at Pura Vida on Public Sq. The meal was amazing. Shrimp toasts with pineapple, jicama slaw; duck confit enchiladas with smoky tomatilla sauce and black bean sauce; short rib with tsoa sauce, edamame with enoki mushrooms and finally rhubarb crisp. The meal was great!! The coffee wonderful!! sadly, no guteln-free beer. I know it was a wine tasting but hey, I am not much of a wine drinker. Watch for future meals around town. Soon, very soon!

Thursday August 23, 05:53AM

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Friday August 24, 08:01PM

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Friday August 24, 10:59PM

Houston and Chicago are completly dnffereit climates, your body has to adjust therefor the headaches.Houston has more humidity, higher temps and dnffereit allegerns and pollutants than chicago. The best thing is consult an allergist or your doctor, that way you can get some medication that will help your body to adjust to the dnffereit enviroment. Also it is best not to take over 1200 miligrams of aspirin a day because it can lead to liver damage. Drink lots of water as hydration will also help you liver and your body to change.

Saturday August 25, 11:03AM

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Sunday August 26, 10:31AM

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Sunday August 26, 10:12PM

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Tuesday August 28, 02:43AM

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