9/5 - 9/7 Hermosa Beach, CA
9/12 - 9/13 Mountain View, CA.

What a great month March turned out to be for us in Seattle!
We had the pleasure of exhibiting Larabar at the Seattle Bicycle Expo, held on March 10th and 11th at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal 91. Thousands of people came out to support all things having to do with bicycles. It was great to to spend the weekend amongst the energized cyclist of Seattle.

We then exhibited Larabar at Vegfest Seattle held at the Seattle Center on March 24th and 25th.
We could not have asked for better Seattle weather during Vegfest. The sun was shining and people were in good spirits! This year’s Vegfest seemed busier than ever with thousands of people in attendance. The Vegetarians of Washington were a fun crowd to be around and Vegfest was a great way to spend the weekend!

Monday April 16, 01:56PM

Won the tote, water bottle, and Larabars in the Larabar Very Large Sweepstakes. Thank you very much. My family loves Larabars. They are yummy and pack easily in purses, backpacks, and even totes!!

Thursday May 03, 01:24AM

I don't know if i qualify since I've tried almsot all of them. The Pecan Pie is my absolute fav!! LOVE it! But I've recently been told I have a mild allergy to almonds so that eliminates almsot all of the larabars for me. *sobbing* I was in a store last week reviewing the ingredients for each one because I was craving them. Thankfull I got to the Blueberry Muffin and didn't see almonds on the ingredient list. I haven't tried it yet but it may end up being the only one that I can eat now.

Tuesday June 12, 11:30PM

Seriously Shari;considering the nutsy day you had, what you ate was amazing.no drive thru, high qutaily choices, protein, good carbs.A +If I had had your day, for sure some cheez its would have been involved, and the like.Actually I am in this limbo phase of not eating anything processed which SERIOUSLY makes snacky days impossible if you look in our pantry.My last few days were snacky too and I ate WAAAAAAY too few calories (won't even tell you). I do feel good about what I did eat, but today I am hungry.You had a great food and exercise day, even if it was void of salad, veggies or smoothies!Cindy recently posted..

Friday August 24, 10:50PM

I love the resources that I've been finnidg online for little man! So much, so little time. I wanted to thank you for my recent purchase- Sesame St. kit- we love it! I'm amazed at how much he can really do in the kit. Some of the activities I need to guide him. (scaffolding- I think the teaching term is..lol)

Sunday August 26, 10:25PM

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Tuesday August 28, 02:57AM

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