May was a great month! I love the Northwest and I had the pleasure of traveling to Portland for the Rock N Roll Portland Marathon Expo. The weather was perfect and the expo was a blast!

The following week I traveled to Seattle for the NW Folklife Festival and again the weather could not have been better. The Folklife Festival was a 4 day outdoor event held over Memorial Day weekend at the Seattle Center.

Tuesday June 12, 07:32AM

Those little bites would just make me want more!! I have candida and I eat the Larabars as a snack, or as candy when I need that sweet taste. They are the only thing I have found so far that doesn't bother me. I write the blog, My Journey With Candida

Saturday July 21, 06:38AM

Awesome show, but why did the Sky Church have to be such a terrible venue?The audio guys woludn't turn up the sound to an audible level, and the security guys were jerks telling everyone to stop moshing every 5 seconds.It was the best show I was not allowed to hear or enjoy.

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