One of the many fun things about being a field manager is the awesome gear that we get for our events.Like most things there comes a time when we need to retire our gear and replace it with new things. What is one to do with all this retired gear?! Well, we certainly don't want to throw it away! We have to do our share to conserve this wonderful planet of ours. Check out some of the uses I've found for some of my old supplies...

My backyard flock needed a new water bowl so this old bin certainly came in handy!

chickens with Larabar water bowl

A trip to the farmers market was made more convenient and Eco-friendly by making use of this old bag.

My little friend Beany isn't a big fan of the rain so she likes to wear my worn out event shirts when she has to go out when it's sprinkling...

Sunday March 03, 10:27AM

This is great. I'll be using it with my first-year junior high suetdnts. Now, if I can only get them to keep the password in a safe place

Thursday March 07, 02:27AM

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Friday March 08, 06:37PM

ziuamX , [url=]mkvapfwiwjyw[/url], [link=]rodcltlspdrn[/link],

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