10/17 - 10/18 Half Moon Bay, CA
10/18 - 10/28 LA. CA
10/18 Atlanta, GA
10/24 Orlando, FL

Summer is here which for me means that many of my days will be spent at Red Rocks. I would have to say it's one of the best jobs around. I typically arrive around 3pm and start setting up for the evening's show. I carry 9,000 samples up 2 flights of stairs in the heat of the day, which seems like a pretty good workout. When it's not too hot I may even decide to run the seats while the band does their sound check. Like I said before, you hear no complaining out of me on this assignment. A few hours later my staff arrive, we catch up and go over the plan for the evening. Soon the fans arrive and are greeted nearly at the end of their long trek up to the amphitheater with a tasty LÄRABAR Mini, it's like reaching the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Hope to see you at the Rocks sometime soon!

Sunday March 03, 07:13PM

OOh jig baty ot sa art hor? ooh jos mok pok os nak neng sa art pong na tov .. mok sva or ko? mok pok neng maybe a krok klag jag sat sva tov tert ! and ja rik or orn tert hery mean rean sot del ot neng? maybe ot jas a sor te merl tov! ke sa art hery tlay tno.. baty rean moy nhom nov NUM ke lovely nas ja rik la or nas men jas tha oy na ke or j na ke doj pok nag ang te .sorry na del J but vea som neng J nas vii. think again befor u say like this to baty.

Tuesday March 05, 05:13AM

Hey hey hey, take a geandr at what' you've done

Thursday March 07, 12:06AM

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