10/10 Salt Lake City, UT
10/10 - 10/11 Atlanta, GA
10/17 - 10/18 Half Moon Bay, CA
10/18 - 10/28 LA. CA
10/18 Atlanta, GA

The summer season is upon us, and things are heating up here at LÄRABAR. The sunshine and warmer temperatures are signals that our event season is in full swing, with LÄRABAR sampling teams fanning out across the entire country. As the month of June commences, we are particularly excited to showcase our latest creation, LÄRABAR UBER. A delicious new addition to our line-up, UBER will be featured prominently at all of our events this year.

The Midwest region has been abuzz with activity in recent weeks, with three different cities receiving the LÄRABAR sampling treatment. The month kicked off with a trip to Albany, NY, for the Capital Care Health & Fitness Expo, and continued last weekend with a double shot of happenings, as our teams attended both the Wells Street Art Fair in Chicago, as well as the Air Force Cycling Classic, in Washington DC.

We look forward to another wonderful summer in the sun, and hope you are able to cross paths with us soon.

Saturday July 21, 03:07AM

Kristina - Dan & Melissa,What a beautiful colpue you make. John and I (Phoenix parents) are so sorry that we could not attend your wedding. First of all we never did receive the invitation and 2nd something came up and we could not make it. I am so glad that Sondra forwarded me these pictures. You looked awesome. I love the old car in the picture. My grandfather had a 1930 Model A Ford that he restored that I had my senior pictures taken in. That was amazing with the black and white that they did.CONGRATULATIONS!!! May you have many years together.We love you and are proud of what you are doing for the Lord.John and Kristina Allen(Phoenix Parents)

Saturday July 21, 03:42AM

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Saturday July 21, 07:51AM

I've had my Iphone a few weeks now and discovered Instagram a week ago. Seriously, I love this APP!! It is my fav and I'm like you, I only use a few flrteis to edit the photos. I have twins so it's so easy to use my Iphone to shoot their pics at any moment! :) My username is shannonBurns'. I am going to start following you! thanks for the post!

Saturday July 21, 11:35AM

I enjoy your other photos very much but this one this one, is well, my cup of tea today as you prblbaoy could have guessed after checking out my Coco and the West Bottoms pics.This is great socio-economic commentary via IMAGE. I hope you're collecting such shots for a well for a COLLECTION for possible publication to all of places, the city of Toronto itself! Home of Northrup Frye .another univeerse entirely or is it?Keep shoot sights! Seriously.

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