9/5 - 9/7 Hermosa Beach, CA
9/12 - 9/13 Mountain View, CA.

With so many great back to back events we had the pleasure of exhibiting at this summer, I almost forgot to write a post.
June kicked off my busy season in the NW region with The Rock N Roll Marathon Seattle followed by Pride Festival Seattle. Both events were great and Seattle provided plenty of sunshine for our stay. Here are a couple pictures from the Rock N Roll Marathon Seattle, including a fan signing up for our Uber Large Sweepstakes.

In July we exhibited at one of the Best Blues Festival’s around, The Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon. The Blues Festival was a five day event held over the 4th of July weekend. Did I mention how much I love this event? The Event Coordinators are a delight and the event proceeds are donated to the Oregon Food Bank. In 2011 the festival raised over $900,000 and collected 100,000 pounds of canned food. With such a great cause and soulful music this event gets a huge turnout.

In July we also had the pleasure of exhibiting at the San Rafael Twilight Criterium and had plenty of Larabars for the cyclist.

The Bite of Seattle in Washington, Connoisseurs Marketplace in Menlo Park CA. and The San Francisco Marathon were also fantastic July events in which we had the pleasure of handing out Larabar samples. Here are a couple pictures of the fun.

Thursday August 23, 12:32AM

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Thursday August 23, 03:35AM

ARTournament are really extcied to have Verity performing at our Gloucester City Centre event in August 2012. But we justcouldn't wait that long so we've begged pleaded and grovelled and she has finally agreed to come along to The New Inn Gloucester on 4th September and strut her stuff at Gloucester's first Sunday Daytime Chill-out Club where our one and only, never to be cloned, Verity Smith will be featuring on our opening line up. Hope to see you all there.

Thursday August 23, 06:05AM

HKSMSA really surpeisrd me too. It appeared 22 times at different ranks in Europe, often in the top10. Google was the search engine used every time it appeared, as Google exists in HK (but not in the rest of China). Btw, the results from Baidu came up nowhere. My guess is that they are too specific: they only appear in that SERP so they don't have enough points to be in the final list.a. I see your point, even though I don't know exactly how we could have done. Maybe we could have attributed significantly more points to the first ten results, since most of the time we don't look any further (I know I don't). And each festival did got points only for the first entry, because you're right, it wouldn't mean much to get, for example, 98+97+96 points if you occupy 3rd, 4th and 5th rank with: festival.com, festival.com/program, festival.com/enb. We thought of the issue of seasons (maybe that helped Coachella??), but we focused on the URLs and deleted all the news. True, that still means a lot of articles can point to this particular URL at this moment, but giving the time we had we couldn't do better.c. We didn't use the , that's why we were so surpeisrd by the huge difference between searching music festival or just festival. But indeed, the fact that so many festivals on the list have music in their name or their slogan (like Coachella: music and arts festival) cant' be a coincidence. We added music because otherwise we would have had too many other kinds of events (danse, theater, food, etc.). Finally, as far as the national language is concerned, no one made any comment about the relevance of the litteral translation. Nevertheless, some pointed out that this would not be the two words they would type if they were looking for a festival. But, well, we had to start somewhere!

Thursday August 23, 06:57AM

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