• What is unique about ALT®?

LÄRABAR ALT® is the first-ever bar with added protein from LÄRABAR! We recognize that many people are looking for a bar with added protein—so we created a snack that tastes delicious and indulgent.

• Why did you name it “ALT®”? What does it mean?

When developing LÄRABAR ALT®, we took an alternative approach. Many bar brands use soy or whey protein, but ALT uses a unique protein source: peas.

• What are the quality standards for ALT® ingredients?

Gluten free

Dairy free




No added sulfites

No preservatives, fillers, or colorings

• What is the protein additive? Where does it come from?

LÄRABAR ALT® uses a vegetable protein that comes from peas. 

• Why pea protein?

Many people prefer a non-dairy source of protein, and peas are a unique option.

• What is pea protein? How is it made?

Pea protein comes from – you guessed it – peas! After peas are milled into flour, the protein can be separated from the rest of the pea, dried, and then ready for use in LÄRABAR ALT®.

• Does LÄRABAR ALT® include added vitamins, minerals, or supplements?

Protein is the only added nutrient to LÄRABAR ALT®. All other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the bar come from the ingredients—the way nature created them.

• Does ALT® contain any sugar?

LÄRABAR ALT® does not contain any added sugar.

• Is ALT® Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Vegan? Kosher?

LÄRABAR ALT® is non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, and Kosher.

• Why doesn’t the packaging for ALT® include a soy free claim?

The ingredients in the recipe for ALT® bars do not contain soy; however, we have not verified that these products meet a Soy Free claim.

• What is the shelf life of an ALT® bar?

The shelf life of a LÄRABAR ALT® bar is 9 months.

• Is the ALT® wrapper recyclable?

All LÄRABAR ALT® wrappers are able to be recycled through our partnership with Terracycle.

The LÄRABAR ALT® caddies/display boxes are made of 100% Recycled Paperboard and made using 100% Wind Energy.

• What happened to the wrapper made from plant based material?

At the time this product was launched, we took an alternative approach to the wrapper itself due to our commitment to sustainability. For the first time, we used a wrapper made from 31% plant-based material.

We hold ourselves to high quality standards so when we noticed production issues with the plant based wrapper, we immediately switched to non-plant based wrappers. We are working to return back to plant based wrappers and will continue our jouney to make LÄRABAR ALT® bars even more sustainable over time.