• What is unique about JŎCALAT?

LÄRABAR Jŏcalat® is an organic chocolate food bar made from fruits, nuts and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate. Each flavor contains no more than seven simple, organic ingredients that are deliciously rich, without added sugars, and  free of dairy, soy, and gluten. With Jŏcalat, we're committed to the use of Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate and organic ingredients, doing our part to sustain the planet.

• What are the quality standards for JŎCALAT ingredients?


Fair Trade Certified cocoa and coffee

No added sugars or sweeteners

Gluten free

Dairy free

Soy free




No added sulfites

No preservatives, fillers, or colorings

• Is JŎCALAT unprocessed?

LÄRABAR Jŏcalat® is made by a simple process in which fruit, nuts, spices and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate are ground and mixed together. They are not baked or cooked. We use a handful of ingredients, as close to their natural state as possible.

• What is the shelf life of JŎCALAT?

The shelf life for each Jŏcalat® bar is 12 months. We use a multi-layer package that keeps out UV light which, in turn, maintains freshness without the use of preservatives. The “best by” date may be found printed on the back panel of the wrapper (on the underside of the flap that runs lengthwise down the back of the bar) as well as on the back panel of the caddie box (contains 16 bars).

• Does JŎCALAT have added vitamins, minerals, or supplements?

No. Jŏcalat® only contains the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients inherent in the ingredients we use – the way nature created them.

• What are the organic flavors listed in the ingredients?

Some Jŏcalat® bars contain an infusion of flavors such as peppermint and vanilla. Each is organic and plant-based.

• Will JŎCALAT freeze or melt?

If placed in the freezer or outside in cold temperatures, Jŏcalat® will become firmer, but will not freeze. Similarly, Jŏcalat will not melt when heated.

However, to preserve product quality we recommend that you store Jŏcalat® products in a cool area.

• What is the symbol above the "O" in JŎCALAT?

A breve (Latin brevis "short, brief") is an accent mark shaped like a little round cup, designed to indicate a short vowel.

• Is the JŎCALAT wrapper recyclable?

All LÄRABAR Jŏcalat® wrappers are able to be recycled through our partnership with Terracycle.

The LÄRABAR Jŏcalat caddies/display boxes are made of 100% Recycled Paperboard and made using 100% Wind Energy.