• What is unique about LÄRABAR?

LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.

• What are the quality standards for LÄRABAR ingredients?

Gluten free


Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa and coffee


No added sulfites

No preservatives, fillers, or colorings

*Does not include the Chocolate Chip varieties.

Additionally, some of our products are also Vegan, Soy Free, and Dairy Free.

• Is LÄRABAR unprocessed?

LÄRABAR® is made by a simple process in which fruit, nuts, and spices are ground and mixed together. They are not baked or cooked. We use a handful of ingredients, as close to their natural state as possible.

• Does LÄRABAR have added vitamins, minerals or supplements?

No. LÄRABAR® only contains the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients inherent in the ingredients we use – the way nature created them.

• What is the shelf life of a LÄRABAR?

The shelf life for each bar is 12 months. We use a multi-layer package that keeps out UV light which, in turn, maintains freshness without the use of preservatives. The “best by” date may be found printed on the back panel of the wrapper (on the underside of the flap that runs lengthwise down the back of the bar) as well as on the back panel of the caddie box (contains 16 bars).

• How much fruit does a LÄRABAR provide?

Each LÄRABAR® flavor offers at least a ¼ cup  of fruit. Apple Pie and Cherry Pie each offer a ½ cup of fruit in each full-size bar.

• Do the LÄRABAR products made with Chocolate Chips contain soy?

The ingredients in the recipe for the LÄRABAR chocolate chip flavor varieties do not contain soy. However, we have not verified that these products meet a Soy Free claim.

• Do the LÄRABAR Chocolate Chip flavor varieties contain dairy? Are they Vegan?

We have recently made a switch to a new dairy free chocolate chip in our original LÄRABAR line, making these products 100% Vegan. The packaging on these products has been updated to state Dairy Free and Vegan. Because this change just happened recently, there may still be product out that is not Dairy Free or Vegan. Make sure you look at the packaging to determine if the product you have in hand meets these claims.

• Why are the chocolate chip flavor varieties classified as Kosher Dairy?

Our chocolate chip flavors are classified as Kosher Dairy (symbolized by the "U" within a circle, followed by a "D") because the chocolate chip ingredient is produced in a facility that also produces chocolate containing dairy.

• Is there added sugar in LÄRABAR?

There is no sugar added to the core line of LÄRABAR®. The claim “No Added Sugar” appears next to the nutrition panel. The exception to this is the chocolate chip flavors (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Brownie, and Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte), which contain added sugar in the actual chocolate chips.

• Do the chocolate chip flavor varieties contain sugar? If so, what kind?

Yes. The simple, 4-ingredient chocolate chips in our chocolate chip varieties contain cane sugar.

• Where does the cocoa in LÄRABAR come from?

The cocoa used in LÄRABAR® is sourced from farmers who are Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. The organization's mission is to "Enable sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, industry and earth." For more information, visit Fair Trade USA.

• Where do the juice concentrates and flavorings used in Lemon Bar, Key Lime Pie, and Blueberry Muffin come from?

The citrus juice concentrates that we use are made from pure citrus juice and pulp, which is flash pasteurized to ensure it is safe to consume. The citrus flavors we use are made from a cold press process during which the fruit skin yields pure essential oil.


Our blueberry concentrate is extracted from blueberries, and then pasteurized.

• Where does the fat in LÄRABAR come from?

The fat in LÄRABAR® comes from nuts and, in some cases, coconut or chocolate.

• Why isn't there more protein in LÄRABAR?

Each bar contains between 3-6 grams of protein. To provide more protein in our bars, we'd have to add ingredients like soy protein isolates. Why mess with a good thing?

If it's protein you're after, check out LÄRABAR ALT®!  ALT is the first-ever bar with added protein from LÄRABAR! We recognize that many people are looking for a bar with added protein—so we created a snack that tastes delicious and indulgent.

• Will a LÄRABAR freeze or melt?

If placed in the freezer or outside in cold temperatures, LÄRABAR® bars will become firmer, but will not freeze. Similarly,  LÄRABAR bars (with the exception of the flavors containing chocolate chips) will not melt when heated.

• Is the LÄRABAR wrapper recyclable?

All LÄRABAR wrappers are able to be recycled through our partnership with Terracycle.

The LÄRABAR caddies/display boxes are made of 100% Recycled Paperboard and made using 100% Wind Energy.