• What makes Renola™ different from other granola offerings?

Most granola offerings contain oats or other grains, but Renola is a Gluten Free, grain-free blend of non-GMO nuts, fruits, seeds, and spices. It tastes so good that anyone can enjoy it, but especially appeals to those actively seeking to avoid grains.

• What does Renola™ mean?

Renola means “Reinventing Granola.” It’s packed full of nutrition, without the filler!

• Is Renola™ Gluten Free?

Yes, Renola is Gluten Free.

• Is Renola™ certified Kosher?

Yes, Renola is certified Kosher.

• Is Renola™ soy free or dairy free?

Renola does not contain any soy or dairy ingredients.

• Is Renola™ vegan?

Renola does not contain animal ingredients.

• Is Renola™ raw?

Renola is not considered raw.

• Are the nuts in Renola™ treated in any way?

For food safety purposes, the almonds and cashews in Renola are roasted.

• What is the shelf life of Renola™?

The shelf life of Renola is 9 months – although we bet you’ll finish the bag before then!

• How many servings are in a 9 oz. bag?

A 9 oz. bag contains between 8½ and 9 servings (one serving = ¼ cup).

• How should Renola™ be eaten?

Renola can be enjoyed a variety of ways: in a bowl with milk, mixed into yogurt, sprinkled on ice cream, shaken on a salad, or by itself. It’s deliciously versatile!