• What is unique about über®?

LÄRABAR über® is a unique sweet and salty snack made from whole fruits and nuts. It’s big texture with big taste!

• Why did you name it über®? What does it mean?

We wanted a name that matched the extreme texture, taste, and total difference between this bar and our original LÄRABAR™. Simply put, über® is an experience that is super duper, wicked awesome, and seriously epic.

• What are the quality standards for ÜBER® ingredients?

Gluten free



No added sulfites

No preservatives, fillers, or colorings

• Does über® contain sugar?

LÄRABAR über® uses non-sucrose sweeteners from brown rice syrup, honey and fruit.

• Does über® contain soy? What about dairy?

The ingredients in the recipe for über® bars do not contain soy or dairy; however, we have not verified that these products meets a Soy Free or Dairy Free claim.

• Is über® vegan?

Due to the use of honey, über® is not certified as Vegan.

• Do the dried fruits contain added sugar?

LÄRABAR über® does not contain any added sugar, and the dried fruits are unsweetened. The sugar in the bars comes from fruit, brown rice syrup, and honey.

• What makes up brown rice syrup? Why do you use it?

Brown rice syrup, also known as “rice syrup,” is a sweetener that is produced when enzymes are used to break down the starch in brown rice. This creates a sweetened liquid that is used in über® to hold the ingredients together and keep the bar firm.

• What is the shelf life of an über® bar?

The shelf life of an über® bar is 9 months.

• Who does your Kosher certification on these bars?

LÄRABAR® is Orthodox Kosher certified. For more information, please contact:
Rabbi David Gorelik
11 Broadway
New York, NY  10004
(212) 613-8203

• Do über® bars melt? Do they freeze?

When exposed to extreme heat, über® will become softer. As the heat rises, the binding/syrup will become less tight and the ingredients will potentially break apart. When frozen, über will not freeze all the way through. That said, the Roasted Nut Roll flavor will become more brittle and harder than the other flavors. Once the bar has reached room temperature, it will return to its normal consistency.

• What is the “roasting” process for the nuts in Roasted Nut Roll?

All of the nuts are dry-roasted and no oil is added. Depending on the type of nut, our vendors use different processes. More detailed information is confidential and cannot be shared.

• Is the über wrapper recyclable?

All LÄRABAR über® wrappers are able to be recycled through our partnership with Terracycle.

The LÄRABAR über caddies/display boxes are made of 100% Recycled Paperboard and made using 100% Wind Energy.