Which LÄRABAR flavor is most like me and why?

I feel most like a Cherry Pie. It’s my all time favorite pie and LÄRABAR Cherry Pie is not only great but it is simple, pure and delicious; a combination that I value in the world. I love the sweet tartness of it too.

When I’m not working at events, what am I up to?

When I am not working, you can find me hanging out with my friends and family, on a jog with my dogs in the woods, in a yoga class, at a farmers market, or on the beach with a LÄRABAR in hand.

What’s my funniest story from the road?

I think Learning to drive a snow mobile on our Breckenridge company-outing was pretty funny.  I got the hang of it after an hour or so, but I could not keep the smile from my face the entire day.