Which LÄRABAR flavor is most like me and why?

Carrot Cake is the flavor most like me. It’s made from several different ingredients, which gives it a variety of tastes and flavors. I am constructed in almost the same way. There are many different components to my personality, which all contribute to make up the many sides of me.

When I’m not working at events, what am I up to?

I am a huge fan of almost anything athletic, so playing and watching sports is an enormous part of my life. Health and fitness are also large components of my free time.  I love doing anything active. So when I am not working, there is a great chance one would find me in the gym. 

What’s my funniest story from the road?

During an event in Minneapolis a few years ago, we were attempting to set up during a torrential downpour. All of our items kept blowing away, and we were chasing them down the street--all the while dodging cars, pedestrians, and even a few animals. After recovering our possessions, we prepared to raise our tent. As we were putting up the top, a huge gust of wind came from nowhere and blew the top into the front window of a nearby business, completely covering it!  We quickly walked over and apologized to the store owner. Luckily, the weather began to clear a short time later and we were able to have a wonderful event without any further incidents.