5 Questions with Danni Allen

When we last visited with Danni Allen, she was opening her own yoga studio, sticking to mainly a gluten-free diet, and after winning “The Biggest Loser,” finding balance in the midst of everyday life. We know that she loves LÄRABAR (and we love her back!), so when we released Renola™, we made sure that she was one of the first to try it. What better excuse to catch up with one of our favorite people?

Congratulations on the opening of your yoga studio, ONE 2 ONE! You’re about 6 months in – how are things going?

AMAZINGLY! We have had a great response by the Evanston community, and continue to grow. This summer we will be adding Beach Yoga, Family Yoga, and more workshops. And I’m happy to announce... I am officially a Registered Yoga Instructor thanks to my Family at Zen Yoga Garage in Bucktown and Yoga Alliance! I’m so excited to be teaching!

ONE 2 ONE is in Evanston, IL. What’s your favorite thing about living in the Chicago area? 

I have had the luxury to travel a lot, and there is no city like Chicago and the North Shore area! I mean, who can complain being only blocks away from a Great Lake? What I love about Evanston is that anything you need is a walk or bike ride away. It’s such a progressive community with LOTS of history.

"The Biggest Loser" started you on a journey of reinventing your body – but what has been the biggest mental/emotional reinvention for you? 

I wouldn't be here without "The Biggest Loser" and the Family I met while on the show, but what I've learned since has truly made me the person I am today. With yoga, I found more body and metal awareness than I ever thought possible. Now, that doesn't mean I don't go "coo-coo bananas" every once and a while, but learning why my body does the things it does and what I can really push it too do has been life changing!

Speaking of reinvention, LÄRABAR is reinventing granola with our newest product, Renola™. We sent you a bunch of samples – what do you think of it?

I LOVED it! I have no regret eating the whole package! It was great on its own, but also added it to my oatmeal for an extra crunch and frozen yogurt for a treat. The little packages are great portions, too. It’s that perfect sweetness and a great snack for someone like me who’s always on the go. Thanks for sharing!

What’s the most fun thing you have planned for this summer? 

BEACH YOGA at Clark Beach in Evanston! I am so excited to start teaching on the beach and wake up with the sun (never thought I’d be saying that!). And while I’m at it, I plan on going skydiving for the first time - wish me luck!

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