Losing Big, Winning Big

Back in 2010, Jay and Jennifer Jacobs weighed a combined total of 678 lbs. By May 2011, they had lost a combined 295 lbs, transforming their future and setting them on a lifelong path to health. This dynamic father/daughter duo has taken what they learned as contestants on Season 11 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and put it into action in their everyday lives. LÄRABAR recently caught up with them to talk about planning ahead, the power of our thoughts, and of course, snacking!

You two have maintained your weight since the finale of the show. Any advice for someone looking to live a healthier life?

Jay: Get really clear on what living a healthier life looks like for you – and that’s more than just what you weigh and what size you wear. It’s how you feel physically and mentally. It’s about creating a life that you love, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have a can-do attitude

Jen: It’s all about practice, not perfection. This is a lifelong journey. Enjoy it – and every single opportunity you have to make a better choice, take it. It’s not just about what you’re eating or how you’re exercising.

Life on the Ranch must have been a time of extreme focus – but coming back to “real life” likely brings some challenges and distractions. For you, what’s essential for smart eating/snacking throughout an average day-in-the-life?

Jen: Planning, planning, planning. I eat 6 small nutritious meals a day – and before I step out the door, I pack my bag with wholesome options to keep me going.

Jay: I encourage people to take a few minutes to really think about what your day is going to be like so you can make sure you have a supply of smart snacks that you love. Maybe even have some “backup” snacks in case your cravings change! Bottom line, it comes down to planning and preparing.

What are some of your personal favorite go-to snacks?

Jay: Almost anything that’s tasty and crunchy. Fruits, veggies, and nuts – especially almonds dusted with cocoa powder. I also make my own baked kale, and love jerky and string cheese.

Jen: I’m pretty similar: fruits, veggies, nuts, and lean proteins. Apples, tangerines, cucumbers, and string cheese are easy to find just about anywhere. And 0% fat Greek yogurt is delicious with LÄRABAR Renola.

We love to hear that our products are a good fit for you! What do you like about LÄRABAR?

Jen: My first thoughts after trying a LÄRABAR were, “Is this for real?

Jay: LÄRABAR is like an old friend. What I love in a snack comes down to three things: taste, texture, and variety of flavors – and with LÄRABAR, there are so many to choose from. It helps that it’s a grab-and-go option, too.

Jen: I love the sweet taste – and every flavor is different. I have a crazy sweet tooth, so knowing that LÄRABAR is not only wholesome but tastes great and has a variety of flavors really keeps my taste buds on their toes.

You both are so positive, and we know that you’ve been a motivation to many people. What would you tell these folks the bottom line is for transforming a life?

Jay: It’s your thoughts. It’s how you think. It’s what you believe. It’s the self-talk that you continually tell yourself when you say I can’t, or it’s hard, or it’s a struggle – those things will just stop you in your tracks in terms of being able to be successful. So think before you eat, and think about what you’re saying to yourself – it makes a big difference in how you live the rest of your life.

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