Apple and Blueberry Crumble

Morena Escardo is a Holistic Health Coach, and the author of Detox Juicing: 3-Day, 7-Day, and 14-Day Cleanses for your Health and Wellbeing, and The Everything Peruvian Cookbook. She writes the health and wellness blog, and co-created the Peruvian food blog along with her mother. She lives in New York City.


Even though I was addicted to sugar for most of my life and lived for dessert, I was never crazy about making my own desserts at home. This may sound strange coming from a person who owned a cookie business for three years, but I’m the kind of person who likes to cook with ease and improvise, and dessert doesn’t allow for much of that.

Dessert preparation usually has to be extremely precise, and any small mistake can ruin the whole batch. I have no patience for that, nor do I have patience to wait through the long baking time of most sweet recipes. When a girl needs dessert, she needs it now!

That is why one of the first and only desserts I’ve ever attempted at making is homey apple crumbles. I like making apple crumbles because they are super easy, they allow for many variations, and they’re almost impossible to get wrong.

I also love it because it makes the house smell of delicious baked apples and spices when it’s in the oven, and that cozy feeling adds to the whole experience. Some call this extra intangible ingredient vitamin love. Others call it comfort food. Whatever it is, I know it’s good for me and makes me feel loved and at home.

Nowadays, I like this particular apple crumble recipe featuring because as soon as I quit sugar, I discovered that this dessert was equally delicious without the white (or even brown) sugar, thanks to the natural sweetness of the apples. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize that fruits are the perfect dessert, but I am so happy I did. Mother Nature makes no mistakes.

Check out this apple crumble recipe featuring LÄRABAR that has all the wonderful flavor of a traditional apple crumb without the added sugar.

Don’t limit yourself by sticking only to the apples. You can use this recipe to make a seasonal crumble any time of the year, using whatever produce is available, such as peaches, pears, plums, and all kinds of berries.

Makes 3 portions
Prep time: 5 minutes  |  Start to finish: 35 minutes


1 apple, cubed
¼ cup blueberries
1 Pecan Pie LÄRABAR, crumbled
2 tablespoons gluten free rolled oats (optional)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
Pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg (or both)
6 tablespoons plain yogurt (optional)


1. Preheat the oven to 350⁰F.
2. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, until everything is well covered in coconut oil.
3. Transfer to oven-proof ramekins, and bake for 30 minutes.
4. Serve warm, topped with plain yogurt, if using.

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