Gluten-Free Living: Tips for the Newbie

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Making the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle can be overwhelming as it may seem as though there’s a new obstacle each and every week that you have to overcome. These four tips for the gluten-free newbie can help you be prepared for some sticky situations and never go hungry, because that just isn't fun at all, now is it?

Gluten-Free Lifestyle Tips

1. Keep Food on Standby
Living gluten-free means that sometimes you have to act like a food hoarder. When I say hoarder, I mean keep gluten-free snack bars or mixed nuts stashed in pretty much every place you can imagine – your office, your car, your gym bag, your purse... you get the idea. You can’t go hungry if you have an Apple Pie LÄRABAR within reach!

2. Utilize Your Resources
One of the tough things about making the switch to a gluten-free diet is that you don't know which products taste good. Make life a lot easier by utilizing online resources, such as blogs, newsletters, apps and social media. Conduct an internet search before spending money on a new product and see if any gluten-free bloggers have reviewed it.

3. Don’t Go to a Party Hungry
When you're living gluten free, you can never expect to be accommodated - it's the harsh reality of the card we've been dealt. Whether you’re going to a cocktail party or a Sunday football get together, eat a little something beforehand. If you have the chance to nibble on food while there, great; if there's nothing on the menu that seems safe, at least your stomach isn't growling! You can also make it a practice to bring your favorite side dish, like this Quinoa Salad to the party so you know you can eat at least something!

4. Expand Your Taste-Bud's Horizons
Going gluten free means that you're going to be changing a lot of things about your diet and you won't be able to eat many of the foods that you used to rely on. The good news is that there are so many other foods that you CAN still eat, you may just have to spread your wings a little bit (i.e. try the kale that everyone seems to be talking about nowadays).

While living gluten free may require a little extra effort here and there, you certainly won’t go hungry. It’s also important to remember that you're not alone in this – turn to the online gluten-free community when you have questions!

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