10 Tips for the Fall

Lindsey Joe is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, food fanatic & DIY devotee. Her passion for creative communications and "do-it-yourself" philosophy at HandmadeHealthy.com aims to help provide fun, reliable resources to help you craft the healthy that makes you happy!

Fall is a busy time of year folks. And with the temptations of comfort foods and cooler weather keeping us on the couch, healthy habits can easily take a back seat. Usher in autumn this year on a healthier note with my 10 tips to help you stay focused on your health and fitness goals this fall:

1. Be Smarter About Sweets
Baked goods, luscious lattes, and colorful candies are starting to creep around every corner. Toss the temptation to overindulge in these treats by buying only smaller portions, using healthier baking substitutes, or finding your favorite LÄRABAR flavor! (Apple Pie is a staple of mine.)

2. Convert Your Comfort Foods
While comfort foods may not be all they are cut out to be in terms of mending our moods, they can still be enjoyed in a healthful diet especially if you opt for smaller servings and choose lower-fat or lower-sugar varieties.

3. Enjoy the Wonderful Weather
One of the many perks of the leaves turning is the wonderful weather that comes along with it! It tends to be not too hot, not too cold, but just right; ideal for active outings like a neighborhood stroll or nature trail hike that even mama, papa and baby bear would approve of.

4. Fight The Flu
You can help your immune system by including a variety of fruits, veggies and protein in your diet. They provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs to prevent getting sick.

5. Get Festive
Fall is festival season so make a date to check out an upcoming local event and take in the new sights and sounds. You just might discover a new hobby or interest that will get you excited about the changing seasons.

6. Hone In On What Makes You Happy
If you love savoring the summer sunshine, welcoming dimmer days during fall can be challenging. Practice a more positive outlook each day by doing something that brings you pure joy (the kind you jump up and down for).

7. Prioritize Your Plans
Invites and obligations may be piling up, but don't let them take over your life. Make sure you schedule in the time for what really matters and politely say no for the things that don't.

8. Quick Cook
Healthy meals don't have to be a hassle for the family. Create a go-to grocery list of pre-prepped produce (like chopped veggies or ready-to-serve salad greens), pre-cooked proteins and quick cook grains to save you time.

9. Stick to a Schedule
There’s no better way to get set for the holiday season than to establish a solid routine for your healthy habits now. Schedule your daily activities and to-do's as if they were meetings and appointments and stick to them!

10. Transform Your Tailgate
If you're celebrating with friends and family during the game, be sure to bring something healthful you know you can enjoy and make fan-favorites with lower-calorie ingredients when possible.

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