Meet Jaime


Lewisville, TX

Current City
Boston, MA

Territory You Cover
Northeast Region

Yoga, bowling, cooking delicious gluten-free/vegetarian meals. Anything outdoors to connect to nature: snowshoeing, snowboarding, trail running, kayaking, hiking, biking, camping.

Favorite Workout Song
“Happy” by Pharrell. It’s so uplifting you have to move!

Favorite Lärabar Product
I truly LOVE all of our bars. I have a rotating top 5 depending on the season. My favorite right now is über Coconut Macaroon... I fell in love with Snickerdoodle in the fall, but now it’s gone! 

Most Memorable Lärabar Event
I love Hub on Wheels, the city-wide bike ride in Boston. Every year we put together a LÄRABAR team with lovely matching shirts. Two years ago we had over 30 people on our team, and the sense of community was awesome!

What Simplicity Means To You
When you can let go and just be in the moment. For me that usually involves nature and no cell phone service! 

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