Meet Jessica


San Diego, CA

Current City
Santa Cruz, CA

Territory You Cover
Northwest, including Northern California

I am passionate about Ashtanga yoga and practice six days a week.  I also love spending time in nature, on a hike in the redwoods with my loved ones and German Shepherds, or having fun with friends and family on a beautiful Santa Cruz beach.

Favorite Workout Song
I often need my work out music to match the energy I am exerting in the workout. For a run, I love old hip hop like Tribe Called Quest, and for a yoga practice I find myself listening to Bonobo or Krishna Das style music.

Favorite Lärabar Product
I have many, but my all-time favorites are Cherry Pie, Cashew Cookie, Lemon Bar, and Peanut Butter Cookie.

Most Memorable Lärabar Event
I have had many memorable events with LÄRABAR, but the one that stands out was The Telluride Film Festival in Telluride, CO.  We sponsored the event some years ago and my co-worker and I were blessed to get to work it. I had never been to Telluride prior to that trip and I was struck by the beauty of that area. That trip will live in my memory for a long time.

What Simplicity Means To You
To me, simplicity represents an easy way, an uncomplicated way of doing things. Simplicity is taking time to enjoy my surroundings and appreciate my life.

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