Meet Stephen


Chicago, IL

Current City
Naperville, IL  

Territory You Cover
Midwest Region (major markets: Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Columbus, and Washington DC)

Sports, Fitness, Reading.  When I am not working, there is a good chance you can find me playing or watching some type of sport. 

Favorite Workout Song
Beastie Boys – "Fight For Your Right"

Favorite Lärabar Product

Most Memorable Lärabar Event
My first LÄRABAR event ever, working the 2008 Arnold Expo! It was most definitely a "baptism by fire" moment, as we were wonderfully inundated with attendees for three straight days. Seeing the excitement everyone had for LÄRABAR for the first time is something I will always remember. 

What Simplicity Means To You
Not to sound overly cliché, but life is filled with so many simple yet magnificent moments and experiences, from which I derive my greatest joy and happiness.

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