Motivation For Your Mondays

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Let's face it... Mondays can be the pits. But what if I told you there are a handful of things YOU can do to turn that Monday frown upside down? Make your way through this 'No More Monday Mood' checklist for a less stressful start to your work week.

1. Mention a Motivating Mantra
Whether you peruse your favorite blogs for the right words or sing a lyric from your favorite song, having a personal proclamation that speaks to your motivation can positively influence your approach to the day. My favorite quotes might help start your Monday off on the right track.

2. Get Your Wardrobe Ready on the Weekend
Parents made us do it when we were little, but who knew this old Mom-method would be so useful for conquering the Mondays?! Save some time in the morning by taking a few minutes the night before to arrange an outfit that says, "Bring it on, Mondays!"

3. Map Out Meal Plans
Depending on your style, this might mean forecasting the next week's meals and snacks down to the Friday night dessert, but for others it simply means having an idea of what you might eat come mealtime. Besides, no one benefits when you’re running around "hangry."

4. Score Enough Sleep
Take advantage of lazy Sundays and ensure you get enough shuteye to feel well-rested and ready to tackle the week. That’s 7-9 hours for adults according to the National Sleep Foundation.

5. Post Plans You're Excited About
With so much focus on appointments and obligations, make sure to also jot down the activities that will bring you joy during the week. The anticipation and excitement you’ll feel when you look down at that agenda will help get you through the more grueling moments of the week.

6. Make a 'Plan of Attack' Ahead of Time
Try creating your 'To-Do List' on Fridays before your work day ends so that when you come in on Monday morning you know exactly what to expect.

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