Gluten-Free Food Swaps

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When you go gluten-free, you get good at substituting old foods for new, whether it's in a family recipe or it's what you pack for lunch. Below are some food substitutions that may be a tiny bit out of the norm, but are still easy and delicious!

Quick Breakfast Options

The snooze button often wins over your grandiose plans of making a full breakfast, which is why these quick and easy gluten-free breakfast options are the way to go.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Swaps

In the pre-gluten free days, breakfast was simple – toast, waffles, a breakfast sandwich... pretty much anything involving bread. Don't worry; you still have plenty of easy gluten-free breakfasts to try. My personal favorite is overnight oats, a.k.a. the easiest thing since sliced bread... errrr, gluten-free bread of course! You can also try gluten-free substitutes to common breakfast foods, such as a gluten-free blueberry muffin in the form of a LÄRABAR.

Afternoon Snack Options

Life is all about that "sweet and salty"... well, at least 3 o'clock cravings are. No need to fear, you can still please those taste buds AND get an extra afternoon boost when you make the right swap. What used to be greasy chips or sugar-crash inducing candy bars from the vending machine is now an opportunity to fuel that brain of yours!

Gluten-Free Afternoon Snacks

Some great gluten-free snack options include homemade trail mixes, pretty much anything with almond butter (love me some apples or bananas), granola (LÄRABAR Renola is off the chain), a nutritious snack bar to get you through the afternoon, or even just a handful of almonds!

Bedtime Snack Options

Ending the day on a sweet note is always nice. While you may not be able to grab the packaged treat or your favorite pastry like back in the day (which is probably good regardless of gluten), you can still feed that sweet tooth.

Gluten-Free Sweet Treats

Enter: Ice cream – tons of flavors, just avoid the brownies, cookie dough, etc. If you're not into the dairy side of sweet, you can opt for a gluten-free bar that incorporates your cookie cravings, like LÄRABAR Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (how can that not taste good?). You could also go the substitution route and whip up (or purchase) gluten-free baked goods.

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