Mixed Berry Granola Muffins

Caleb starts preschool next week. How did that happen? He is growing up too quickly! I will probably shed a few tears when he leaves me, but I know he will have a blast…and it’s only two mornings a week, so I should survive. Caleb is already wearing his his Spiderman backpack around the house and carrying his lunch box. He is ready to go!

To celebrate back to school season, I made special muffins for Caleb, Mixed Berry Granola Muffins. I used LÄRABAR's new crunchy Berry Renola for the muffin topping! Renola is a great alternative to classic granola. It is made entirely of nuts, fruits, seeds and spices – just the good stuff. It's flavorful, has a blend of non-GMO ingredients and is grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and kosher.

Renola is great for snacking and I love using it in recipes. It comes in three flavors: Berry, Cinnamon Nut, and Cocoa Coconut. I love grabbing a handful when I am looking for a sweet, healthy snack! Renola has come in extra handy during my middle of the night feedings!

These muffins are healthy and a great way to incorporate more fruits, nuts and seeds into our diet. I put the muffins in the freezer, hoping they would last until school started, but Caleb saw me make them and has been asking for a muffin every day. I can't say no to his cute face, so our stash is almost gone. I will have to make another batch for Caleb to enjoy before his first day of school!

Read on for the full recipe at Two Peas & Their Pod...

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